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Self–revelations, a home workout, a unique trip, dancing with friends, learning something new, a profound moment of gratitude — Hardyness Wellness Coaching & Healthy Adventures is about all these things, from logistics to the lesser–defined magic necessary to feel and appreciate an experience fully.

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Bridget underpins all her Coaching techniques around the key principle that improving our health to be happier is critical. Many folks can improve their health but not their life satisfaction. Attitudinal Wellness means understanding good health as a foundational tool for off–the-charts living, and is a source of enduring motivation and success.

Bridget has worked in health and fitness for over 14 years. She’s certified through the Wellcoaches School of Coaching, Balanced Body trained in Mat Pilates and Reformer, and AFFA Certified as Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor. As a co-founder of South Bend Latin Dance (www.SouthBendLatinDance.com), she’s taught salsa, bachata, and other Latin dances for over a decade, in addition to leading small groups to Cuba for cultural education and community-building with artists and dancers in Vedado.


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