Happy THIS Year

WHAT: A 50–day program to help you improve health and happiness, and find comfort and peace of mind in cold weather and pandemics.


  1. Wellness Coaching Session — identify your most pressing personal goals
  2. Three types of challengesPersonal GoalsGeneral Health Missions, and Science of Happiness Exercises
  3. Options — discover what motivates you:
    • Comprehensive Strength Home Workout
    • Weekly Live Online Workouts
    • Friendly Competition — earn points, fame & fortune for completing goals
    • Weekly Advice & Resource Emails
    • Regular Commune & Tune Social Meetings

WHEN: October 31 – December 20

And then, of course, for the rest of your life.

WHY:  Because 

  • Covid got you off your game.
  • Cold weather is hard even without novel viruses.
  • Why not start a new year feeling good?
  • The audacious possibility exists that we are and can live and acknowledge happiness even THIS year. Right now.

WHERE: In your house and heart and mind. The largest literal program presence is online/the phone/distanced.

If you’re breathing, you’ve got some things to resolve. Covid has uniquely tested our lifestyle, and also allowed us to see what we value in a new way. Whether you’ve had a summer of long Corona walks and garden eating, or cabin fever and mindless snacking, as we head into the Fall, please proclaim: My time has come.

Many of us finish the summer with health and happiness gains, but few of us escape the seasonal and cultural trap of a health decline October through December. What if we actually maintained or even improved our health and well–being during this time, entering the New Year already feeling great?

Certainly, nothing replaces the emotional excitement of a January 1st. But why wait until we have “more time,” or circumstances change? The very definition of a good habit includes consistency, real-life application, and facing the challenges that threaten it in every season. 

Experts advise that reassurance can be found in uncertain times by embracing what we can control. And what better thing to embrace than your very self? Your health, your habits, your attitudes—these things await you in every moment. Happy New Year, Happy Old Year, but mostly: Happy You, every single day.

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