Wellness Coaching

Between our best intentions and consistent action is a long road, with detours like stress, work, pandemic isolation, and cookies. Most of us would say that we know what we need to do it, so why aren’t we doing it? It’s not because we’re flawed—it’s because knowledge alone has very little to do with behavioral change. A coach guides you through a process based on how change really happens.

What is happy and healthier to you? How do you get there? How do you enjoy the getting?

 A coaching session is dedicated time for thinking big about how small acts can lead you to tremendous improvement. You’ll learn powerful habit–building strategies, design your environment, and directly access motivation in new ways. Wellness Coaching is obviously about Doing things better, but it’s also about Being better – through perspective and response – even when everything else is the same.

A Wellness Coach holds you accountable, simultaneously helping you create the kind of intrinsic personal accountability that springs from your desire for purpose and meaning. This work and play is more worthwhile than anything else you could undertake. Structure, overcoming long-standing barriers to improvement, attitudinal strengthening, and self-compassion are critical to the process, with frequent appearances of goofy humor, wonderment, reveling in your mightiness, life-long commitments and more.

Wellness Coaching is Good for:

  •  Lasting and Sustainable Life Change
  • Tapping New Motivation
  • Providing Structure & Accountability
  •  Overcoming Long–Standing Barriers to Improvement
  • Attitudinal Change & Fine–Tuning
  • Increasing Joy, Delight, Appreciation, Self–Awareness, Peace of Mind, Lovability, Love Capacity, Productivity, Do–nothing Comfort Levels & Many other Qualities as Yet Unimagined (Increasing what You can Imagine also a Wellness Coaching Benefit)

Wellness Coaching Programs

Recommended — The Coaching Committment
6 Sessions


Also Available—Coaching Jumpstart
2 Hours of Coaching


Also Available – Wellness Jumpstart
1.5 Hours of Coaching, Custom Home Strength Workout, Nutrition Session with Dietitian


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